The song “Evergreen” by American singer Omar Apollo examines the sorrow and anxiety that may result from a toxic or unfulfilling relationship. The song’s narrator feels oppressed and pulled apart by a spouse who doesn’t seem to love or adore them. Despite the agony and suffering they have inflicted; the song lyrics meaning suggests that the narrator hopes that their spouse would change and love them unconditionally.

Worries About Feeling Unwanted

In the lyrics from the song’s first stanza, the singer asks, “Was there anything wrong with my body?” In these words, the narrator is uncertain about their value and beauty in their partner’s eyes. They wonder why their spouse does not seem to care about them and whether there is anything wrong with them or if they are not attractive enough.

Power Dynamic in the Relationship

The line “Evergreen, he controls me” is repeated over and over in the song’s chorus. The narrator’s ever-toxic and unchanging companion may be metaphorically represented by the term “Evergreen.” The narrator may feel oppressed or controlled in the relationship if she uses the words “he controls me.” He has no control over their situation and must yield to their partner’s every desire.

The Hurt of Undervaluation

The narrator’s sentiments of rejection and pain in the relationship are addressed in the song’s second stanza. They sing, “But sometimes I pray that you fall in love.” Despite not being handled with the same level of care and respect, these lines demonstrate the narrator’s enduring love and devotion to their relationship. The narrator hopes that their lover would respect and appreciate them as much as they value and appreciate their spouse.

The Difficulty of Walking Away

In the song’s last verse, the narrator attempts to recognize that the relationship is unhealthy and unhappy. The narrator’s knowledge of their abuse and the effect it is having on their health and sense of self is conveyed via the words. Despite this insight, the narrator is still conflicted about calling it quits since they have a deep emotional connection with their spouse.

It has been rumored that Omar Apollo’s alleged romantic relationship with Frank Ocean may have had influence or relevance on the writing of the lyrics.

The Power of Love

The narrator’s last words in the song are “Oh, sweet evergreen.” Earlier in the song, the term “evergreen” had a different connotation than it has now. Previously, it represented the spouse’s relentless domination and destructive conduct; today, it represents the narrator’s enduring love for their union. Even though their spouse has gone on, the narrator’s love for them survives.

Generally, “Evergreen,” is a beautiful song about the difficulties of love and relationships. It alludes to the pain and anguish that may arise when someone in a relationship feels devalued and mistreated. Despite their relationship’s difficulties, the narrator never loses faith that their spouse would one day change and love them. The term “evergreen” is integrated as a metaphor for both the continual dynamic of the relationship and the eternal essence of love and to give the song extra depth and resonance.

In an interview with Billboard, Omar Apollo said, I rented a house in Idyllwild [Calif.] to make music with my engineer and my childhood best friend [Manuel Barajas] who plays bass in my band. It felt like how I [made] music in the beginning. I made “Evergreen” and “Endlessly” in the same day. It was so simple. Being far away from everybody, not having access to do things, things become clear.

[For] the part people use on TikTok, I had another song called “How Do You Live in Your Skin” — I was like, “I’ll take [those lyrics] and put [them] on my bridge.” Then I brought in my friend Tao Halm, we got a studio a couple months later — Larrabee Studios — and we hired a band. We focused on [the bridge] so much. There are so many textures — if you listen to background vocals, even Teo [Halm, producer] is singing on that part. It’s beautiful to see that all the effort I put in with Teo, Manny and my engineer Nathan [Phillips] is the part that’s blowing up. That literally makes me so happy.

Additionally Omar Apollo told another interviewer: “well the song is about being in love with this boy who fell in love with this girl and then that kind of happening in front of me”

Additional Information

The song “Evergreen” is from Omar Apollo’s debut studio album, Ivory. It’s release date was April 8th, 2022, being the sixth and final track from Ivory. Apollo collaborated with Pharrell Williams on the track that has been a runaway success.


Evergreen, he controls me
Was there something wrong with my body?
Am I not what you wanted, babe?
If I ever tried, if I ever tried, I would

Evergreen (oh, oh)
He tears me to pieces (oh, oh)
(Evergreen) (oh, oh)
Doesn’t even have to try
(Evergreen) (oh, oh)

She don’t know you like me
She could never love you more, more than me
But sometimes I pray that you fall in love
I’ve cried, I’ve cried so much for you, baby

Evergreen (oh, oh)
He tears me to pieces (oh, oh)
(Evergreen) (oh, oh)
Doesn’t even have to try
(Evergreen) (oh, oh)

You know you really made me hate myself
Had to stop before I break myself
Should’ve broke it off to date myself
You didn’t deserve me at all, at all, at all

One last time
I see
Ever, evergreen
Please don’t come home to me, oh
Oh, sweet evergreen
He don’t love me no more

Oh, oh
Oh, oh

Source: LyricFind

Songwriters: Manuel Alberto Barajas / Omar Apolonio Velasco / Teo Halm

Evergreen lyrics © Concord Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group

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Editor’s Note: This article was first published February 1, 2023 and last updated March 31st, 2023.