According to the English translation of the lyrics, the song is about a man trying to pick up a woman and promising to change his ways.

In English, the words don’t truly exist to differentiate the terms “bebecita” and “bebsota.” The dictionary says that they both, in essence, mean “baby girl.” But, as Spanish-speaking NPR correspondent Anamaria Sayre explains, the difference is that “bebecita” implies a kind of innocence and naivety whereas “bebesito” implies a strong, empowered woman who knows what she wants and takes it despite still being a “baby girl” in some ways. If one looks at the lyrics and reads between the lines, one can see a kinky Dominant/submissive dynamic emerging. The protagonist of the song says that he will “behave himself” if the woman he likes will have him, submitting to her control and “staying in” when all he wants to do is “go out.” Additionally, Bad Bunny even tosses out a seemingly off-the-cuff phrase that is nevertheless empowering to women everywhere. First, he says that he will father a child with the woman who is his love interest if that’s what she wants. Then, just in case she doesn’t want that, he also says that he’ll “bring the Plan B,” which is a reference to the so-called “morning-after pill” that prevents pregnancy after unprotected sexual intercourse. In a world where popular performers rarely express highly charged opinions on either contraception, abortion, or both, this is groundbreaking.

A Particular Vision

Bad Bunny told Billboard recently that he got the idea for the song while attending the Met gala. He equated the song with his style and manner of dress for that gala and even remained in that clothing when going the studio. He said that were he not to have done so, then he wouldn’t have released the song. Obviously, the song has intense personal meaning for Bad Bunny, but the empowering tune he created is already making huge waves in both the music world and other worlds outside of music.

Chart Performance

“Me Porto Bonito” reached No. 6 on the United States Billboard Hot 100. This is quite an achievement when one considers that only five Latin songs reached the Top 10 from 1958 to 2016. As one might expect, the song achieved No. 1 in some countries where Spanish is the primary language, such as Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Chile, and Bolivia. Interestingly, it only reached No. 2 in Spain itself. The song is well on its way to a billion streams on YouTube after only one year.


Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah, ey

En la guagua se quedó el olor
De tu perfume
Tú ere’ una bellaca, yo soy un bellaco
Eso e’ lo que no’ une
Ella sabe que está buenota
Y no la presumen
Si yo fuera tu gato
Subiera una foto los vierne’ y los lune’ (so)

Pa’ que to’ el mundo vea
Lo rica que tú está’, que tú está’
Contigo tengo que apretar
Y en la calle ando suelto
Pero por ti me quito
Si tú me lo pides
Yo me porto bonito
Y subo un selfie pa’ que vean
Lo rica que tú está’, que tú está’
Las otras tienen que apretar
En la calle ando suelto
Pero por ti me quito
Si tú me lo pide’
Yo me porto bonito

Ey, ey
Tú no ere’ bebecita
Tú ere’ bebesota
Frikitona, ma’, se te nota
Le gustan los trío’
Cuando está en la nota
Si el novio no sirve
De una lo bota
Y waoh, mami
Dime dónde dejo el resume
Sé que te dejaste hace un me’
Y de una de pecho me zumbé
Si quiere’ te hago un bebé
O te traigo la’ Plan B
Uff, mami, qué rica tú te ve’
Pa’ los 2000 escuchaba RBD
Y ahora quiere perreo
Toa’ la noche en la pared

Mami, tú ere’ élite
No te me limite’
Déjame hacerte
Lo que amerite y te levite
Dale pa’l escondite
No te me arisque’
Que aquí no van a poder llegar lo’ satélite’

Mami, sube algo
Dame contenido
Ese culo súbelo má’ seguido
Me paso jangueando
A ver si coincido, ey
Y por fin doy contigo
Mai, nuestra’ bellaquera’
Nunca la’ olvido
Ninguna como tú
A mí me ha complacido
Tú cree’ que a toda’
Siempre les digo lo mismo
Quiere chingar
Pero no quiere na’ fijo, ey

Pero en confianza me confiesa
Dice que nadie le interesa
Pero cuando sale, se pone traviesa (ey)

Pa’ que to’ el mundo vea
Lo rica que tú está’, que tú está’, ey
Contigo tengo que apretar
Y en la calle ando suelto
Pero por ti me quito
Si tú me lo pide’
Yo me porto bonito

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Songwriters: Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio / Freddy Montalvo Alicea / Jesus Alberto Molina Prato / Joel Hernandez Rodriguez / Jose Carlos Cruz / Marco Daniel Borrero / Orlando Javier Valle

Me porto bonito lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner Chappell Music, Inc

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