After a song is written, if it’s particularly noteworthy, it waits for an artist to claim it, putting their imprint on it so that from then on, every other rendition of the song will be judged against that one. House of the Rising Sun’s authorship remains a mystery. There is, however, evidence that the Animals, led by Eric Burdon’s booming vocals, laid claim to the title.

The Meaning of “House of the Rising Sun.”

This song depicts the tale of a tavern called “The Rising Sun,” where vices such as drinking, gambling, and prostitution are widespread. This mansion has ruined countless innocent youths.

To try to save parents and kids from the suffering that can come from this house, the song is sung in the first person, and the performer relates his own awful experience. You can never be the same after it has corrupted you.

MRLBOYD MUSIC commentary indicates that the song’s power comes from the universality of its message, which prompts us to think that every young man faces temptation from some of society’s darkest impulses at some point in his life. Like the novel’s narrator, he risks becoming a slave to his vices if he is not careful.

There is no recognized author of House of the Rising Sun, although many artists have covered it. The song originated in Northeastern Appalachia, but its authorship is unknown. Here we discover one of the most intriguing features, as it has been amenable to various forms of reinvention.

The widely-known adaptation of The Animals includes a specific element. The singer’s perspective is that of a man. Before that, practically all song renditions had been given from a woman’s perspective. This shift in the story’s narrator’s gender completely alters the tone and interpretation of what happens. The effect is to reduce visibility greatly.

In an interview with Professor of Rock, you will notice that changing the voice from male helped reach out to the public. For a guy, a tale of lost innocence is about giving in to temptation and becoming a prisoner to his passions. Slavery means being controlled by another person while you’re a woman.

This is the perspective from which many other vocalists, including Bob Dylan and Woodie Guthrie, approached the song, and it is the one with the most dramatic impact. They did it without consideration because they were male and perceived it this way. Dolly Parton expanded the song by a few paragraphs emphasizing how men oppress women.

Several people have looked for the House of the Rising Sun-type brothel that inspired the novel. Nonetheless, the vast majority of critics believe that it is an allegory about the social evils that these establishments represent.

The song House of the Rising Sun is dramatic and emotional, with a strong message on the importance of parental guidance. It works because we can all simultaneously relate to playing either of these parts.

Final Thoughts

Whoever penned “House of the Rising Sun” crafted a masterpiece that will undoubtedly inspire new interpretations for decades. As for me, I’m eagerly anticipating hearing more. Despite the popularity of other covers, most listeners still like The Animals’ original. Yet that doesn’t rule out the possibility of a newer, improved version being released in the future.


There is a house way down in New Orleans
They call the Rising Sun
And it’s been the ruin of many a poor boy
And God I know I’m one

Mother was a tailor, yeah, yeah
Sewed my Levi jeans
My father was a gamblin’ man, yeah, yeah
Down, way down in New Orleans

Now the only thing a gamblin’ man ever needs
Is a suitcase, Lord, and a trunk
And the only time a fool like him is satisfied
Is when he’s all stone cold drunk

Source: Musixmatch

Songwriters: Alan Price

House Of The Rising Sun lyrics © Brian Auger Music, Hanseatic Musikverlag Gmbh & Co Kg, Keith Prowse Music Publishing Co Ltd, Orpheum Music Co Inc, Happy Musikverlag Gmbh Co Kg

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